Bhoomi Movie Cast: Jeyam Ravi, Nidhi Agarwal, Sakshi Divedi, Ronit Roy, Saranya Ponvannan, Sathish, Radha Ravi
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Bhoomi film Hotstar of Lakshman is an imaginary view on geopolitics and its impact on the rural enterprise.
The film begins with Bhoomi who is running as an astronaut and is an NRI , operating in u.s.a.. he is a done character, who has invented a gadget which goes within the opposite manner of respiration system, wherein the Carbondioxide can be inhaled rather than exhaled. This approach could be used for dwelling and making cultivation feasible on Mars.
Quickly after this he learns that his fatherland, Tirunelveli, is affected badly by politics on agriculture, due to which it’s miles quickly going to be an extinct region. To save his native land, earlier than saving mars, will become the aim of Bhoomi. As he enters his place of birth, he meets Nidhi Agarwal who is his better secondary batch mate. The rival Ronit Roy is a regular villain who’s opposing whatever Bhoomi endeavours to do.

Jeyam Ravi is the critical individual of the movie, and the film is watachable due to his performing skills alone. Every act of Bhoomi is balanced by way of the villains reaction, there’s a normal stability among them, the film goes nowhere because of this.
It seems like lakshman has not researched the simple statistics, lot of creativeness everywhere, this is obvious during the film, many examples proper from planet mars records, villains function ; is in which you come upon this situation. Screenplay is very bad, dialogues are very infantile and now not worth of movie watching, it’s properly that it’s a OTT launch definitely now not losing the time in theatre. Ronit Roy who plays the villain function, has made his debut in Kollywood. now not much innovation in his role it’s a standard corporate white fit, very devilish, imply guy who as guessed rightly knows now not lots of agriculture and farmers.

Lakshman, has made more movies in advance with Jeyam Ravi, that is the 1/3. This one is definitely superficial, once more missing truth, most of all missing a script which isn’t gift in any respect, just for the data; lakshman is the writer too, for Bhoomi. occasionally as target audience we also sense, the sort of serious problem of agriculture and politics isn’t always treated properly, and dealt very shabbily. Lakshman has now not been capable of do justice to the script in lots of approaches, which isn’t a terrific mark for him. The film has released on the proper time whilst there may be a modern-day, largest trouble for farmers, which the movie can bank on.

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Bhoomi who is running as an astronaut and is an NRI... To save his native land, earlier than saving mars, will become the aim of Bhoomi.
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